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Fathers Rights RiversideHerreman Law Firm is well known for it's position as a Fathers' Rights Lawyer in Riverside, CA. We've represented and helped many fathers in their Family Law cases to make sure they receive all the rights that are assured them by the laws of the State of California.

Having your rights granted by the court system is not always a given. Sometimes it takes the help of a knowledgeable attorney to make sure a father is being treated fairly by the courts.

There was a time when there was a genuine legal bias in favor of mothers, known as "maternal preference." It was thought that children were better off with the mother. But over time, due mostly to fathers' activists, who showed research that children were in fact benefited when both parents were involved in raising them, the preference was removed from the law.


Your Rights as a Father

Fathers' rights are technically no different from mothers' rights. Both fathers and mothers are entitled to have access to their children, and are expected to contribute materially to the child's upbringing as well.

Many fathers feel that they are given unfair treatment in court - specifically when it comes to child custody, support, and visitation. They often feel that the courts favor the mothers and to not allow fathers fair or reasonable visitation or parenting rights.

Divorced fathers, as well as fathers who have never been married to their child's mother, have rights and obligations to their children. If a father is not being given his full rights, the situation can be corrected by going in front of a judge.

When your case is brought to a judge by a lawyer who understands and specializes in this type of case, you are more likely to receive fair treatment and an outcome that you can be happy with.


Fathers and Mothers Both Have the Right to...

  • Raise their children through custody and visitation agreements.
  • Decide on their child's education, health and religion.
  • File for changes in the child custody and child support orders if the other parent does not follow it or if circumstances change.


As a parent you play an important role in the upbringing of your children. Even if you are divorced, you still want your children to be happy, safe, and well taken care of. As a caring parent you want your child or children to see you, and you want a chance to influence their development. If you are not able to exercise your rights as a father, because of a bad call or unfavorable judgement of a previous court case, you owe it to yourself and to your children to take the necessary action to correct the situation.


Fathers' Rights Lawyer in Riverside

If you'd like to know what your rights are. Or, if you're looking to correct a situation where you are not being given your rights, speak with us at Herreman Law Firm today. Our Riverside attorneys and support staff are dedicated to your dignity and your rights as a father.  Let us help you establish your rights and what action needs to be taken.

As experienced father's rights attorneys in Riverside, CA, we're dedicated to helping you. The initial consultation with our firm is free, and there is no further obligation. Simply call our local or toll-free number, or use one of our on-site contact forms to get in touch with us. 


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