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Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyer


Riverside Bankruptcy LawyerThe Herreman Law Firm would like to thank you for considering our services as your Riverside bankruptcy lawyer. Let our years of experience work for you when it comes to getting your debts discharged and getting your life back on-track.

You may be looking for a Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyer because you’ve found yourself in a bad financial position. Perhaps it looks as though no matter how hard you try it is not possible to pay your debts, and there is no end in sight. Maybe you’ve lost a good-paying job, gotten a divorce, had unexpected medical expenses, made some business or investment decisions that went bad, been defrauded by someone, or become the victim any one of a host of possible things that can go wrong with someone’s personal finances.

Bankruptcy is often considered by many to be a last choice or option, but often it’s the only true solution to many types of financial situations – especially when they’ve gotten way out-of-control. The reality of it is that bankruptcy is a completely legal and ethical solution to financial difficulties that cannot otherwise be amicably solved.

The legal protection from creditors, known as bankruptcy, was implemented as part of our legal system as a way to protect people who, usually through no fault of their own, have no real options for paying back their debts, and who often have no better possible choice than to have it discharged. It’s a much more civilized solution for debt that cannot be repaid than some of its ancient predecessors, such as debtor's prison, indentured servitude, or the removal of fingers and limbs. It’s a solution that overall works to the benefit of society and our current financial system. Its history in the US traces all the way back to the 1800’s.

People who need to file bankruptcy are not bad people. Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and even Abraham Lincoln went through times in their lives when they needed to rely on the protection afforded by the bankruptcy laws of the United States. And who isn’t aware of the many bankruptcies even our current president, Donald Trump has had to file when things went sour in some of his earlier business ventures?

Life happens, and sometimes what happens to us in our financial lives isn’t always fair, or as we thought it would be. As long as you’re filing within the law and not trying to intentionally do anything dishonest there is nothing about filing bankruptcy to be afraid or ashamed of. It can be the best opportunity you have to get a new start and to begin again to live the life you deserve. So if you’re considering bankruptcy and you’re looking for a Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyer, please keep reading, or give us a call for a free consultation.


Should I File Bankruptcy?

If you’re contemplating the question, “Should I file bankruptcy?” you’re probably already having severe financial difficulty that you’re worried about. Even though filing bankruptcy is a personal decision that only you can make, there are times when the necessity is obvious, and the benefits are necessary - if only so you can regain focus and health, and get on with your life.

When making your decision, whatever you do don’t fall for the false belief that filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy will make it impossible for you to get loans, buy a house, or buy an automobile for 7 to 10 years. The reality is usually quite the opposite. Many people are able to get secured or unsecured credit cards within a month or two of having their debt discharged. New homes and cars can often be financed within a relatively short period of time as well.

There are many immediate benefits that can make filing bankruptcy the best option for you. If you’re having the following problems you may need to take action before things get out of hand. In such cases you’ll want to speak to a bankruptcy attorney right away.

If you think bankruptcy may be the best solution to your current financial problems, you may be right. If you’re suffering from the following legal issues that are related to financial problems bankruptcy may be your best answer:


Harassment at Home and at Work

Are creditors who are trying to collect debts that you’re not able to pay bothering and or calling you all the times? They may even be harassing you at work or making it difficult for you to earn a living. Filing bankruptcy can put an immediate end to the harassment.

Stop Foreclosure Proceedings

Is the bank getting ready to foreclose on your home because you’re not able to make the payments? Filing bankruptcy can immediately stop the proceedings, and in many cases can stop a foreclosure from occurring at all.

Stop Lawsuits

If people are threatening lawsuits or have even begun the proceedings, filing bankruptcy can stop the proceedings right in their tracks as soon as you file. If the lawsuit involves paying money, you may be able to have the debt completely discharged.

Stop Wage Garnishment of Salaries

In most cases filing bankruptcy can stop the garnishment of your wages from the moment you file. If the debt you’re being garnished for is discharged by the bankruptcy, the garnishment will end for good.



Bankruptcy Types Simplified

Here is a brief overview of various types of bankruptcies that can be filed to bring you relief of your financial debts depending upon your situation.


Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known for giving people a fresh start because it wipes away or discharges any and all non-exempt debt, which includes such things as medical debt, cellphone bills, credit card debts, loans, utility bills, etc. This is the most common type of bankruptcy that the average citizen who cannot repay his or her debt will need to file.


Chapter 13

If you have enough income to pay your creditors back, Chapter 13 may be the bankruptcy you should file. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy creditors must be repaid - some in full, and others in part, depending on how much you owe, how much you make, and other relevant information and formulas that have been determined by the courts.


Chapter 11 & Chapter 12

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is filed for businesses and where the limits of chapter 11 have been exceeded. Chapter 12 is like chapter 11 bankruptcy but where at least 80% of debt are farm and fishery related.

You will want to discuss all your options with our lawyers and our helpful office staff before determining which Chapter will be best for you in your situation.


About Debt Consolidation Services in Riverside

There are some services that claim to be alternatives to bankruptcy. Debt consolidation services are one of the more popular alternatives. This type of service often masquerades under the guise of being some kind of credit counseling service that is a not-for-profit organization. The problem is that the counselors are usually working on commission and the services usually pay big fees to a parent company that is a for-profit organization. It is often a ruse that is perpetrated on honest people who are trying not to file bankruptcy because they are afraid of the stigma attached, when bankruptcy may actually be the best solution they have available to them.

Debt consolidation sounds like a noble solution on the surface. However, if you choose to go the debt consolidation route it may be in your best interest to have a lawyer make sure things are being handled correctly, as there are legal pitfalls that can foil your best efforts even years into the process of trying to repay your debts.

You should also consider the fact that debt being repaid through a debt consolidation service will mean that those payments will be reported as debt consolidation payments to the credit bureaus for the entire time you’re making the payments. The repayment problem you had will also remain in your credit report for long after the debt is repaid. This is not always in your best interest.


Bankruptcy Lawyer Riverside Office

Our Riverside law office is convenient and right in the heart of town near the Riverside Court House. This can often translate into a savings in time for both our clients and lawyers and can also mean a savings in money to our many clients. If you’re looking for a bankruptcy lawyer with a Riverside office we are a logical choice. Stop in for a quick consultation to learn more about how we can help you with all your bankruptcy and related legal needs.


Low Cost Bankruptcy Lawyer in the Riverside Area

We understand that you’re considering filing for bankruptcy because you are having financial difficulties. We’ve taken that into consideration when we set up our pricing structure. If you’re looking for a low cost bankruptcy lawyer in the Riverside area we think you’re going to be pleased with our office and service and our payment plan.

Get the answers you need, and see if bankruptcy is your best solution by contacting The Herreman Law Firm to speak with a low cost bankruptcy lawyer in Riverside now. Give us a call or use one of the many contact forms that can be found on the pages of this website to get started. We serve the entire Inland Empire with bankruptcy legal help.


Free Bankruptcy Consultation Riverside

Deciding to file bankruptcy is never easy to do. At the Herreman Law Firm in Riverside, we understand this very well. You have questions that relate to your unique situation, and you need simple honest answers so you can make an educated decision. You also want to meet and be comfortable with the people that may ultimately be handling your very important case. That’s why we offer a free bankruptcy consultation in Riverside. We want to help you make the right legal decisions. There’s no better time than now to find out what you need to know so you can move forward. Give us a call at 951-274-0057 or contact us though one of our contact forms to set up your no obligation consultation.

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