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Are you looking for a local US lawyer or law office that can help with Philippines legal issues? Herreman Law Firm has experience with Filipino Family Law and legal matters, and can help you to resolve issues you may have that require this type of expertise. It’s often easier and more productive to work with a US lawyer with Philippines experience before trying to find representation in a foreign country. As your US legal representative the Herreman Law Firm can help with issues such as:


  • Philippines Divorce and Annulment Help
  • Philippines Property Appraisals and Valuations
  • Philippines Marital Asset Division
  • Help for People with Legal Family Issues in the Philippines
  • Filipino Family Law Issues for US Citizens and US Immigrants


Philippines Divorce and Annulment Help

Getting a divorce or annulment in the Philippines is not an easy task. However, in many cases it’s not required for a US spouse to deal with the Filipino divorce process at all. A US divorce may be all you need in order to be legally free from any further obligation to a Filipino national. Our experienced team can help you sort out your legal obligations when divorcing someone from the Philippines or when a Filipino seeks a divorce in the US.


Philippines Property Appraisals and Valuations

Are you going through a divorce that requires you to appraise property in the Philippines? This is often required for the proper distribution of marital property. It’s often better to send a legal representative to the Philippines to handle this, as it’s possible for a person in a legal battle to be blacklisted from entering the Philippines; or worse, to be falsely charged and arrested upon entering the Philippines due to a angry spouse filing a frivolous or vindictive suit. Why take chances? We have honest and legal property appraisers in the Philippines ready to give you a true and legal appraisal of property that you own - even if the property is held jointly. 


Philippines Marital Asset Division

Marital asset division of property in the Philippines is often more difficult to accomplish than local asset division for a number of reasons. Not only is it difficult to get an honest appraisal from so far away, but a spouse may try to claim that overseas assets have no value at all. Without a proper appraisal and proper representation on your side, the money for assets that should belong to you can be lost forever. It’s best not to take chances and take a pro-active stand. Seek proper legal representation before making a mistake that could be very difficult or costly to correct.


Help with Legal Family Issues in the Philippines

Family law in the Philippines is not the same as family law in the USA. When you need help with family law issues in the Philippines it’s best to contact a lawyer that has the proper experience and expertise. An experienced law office is in a better position to help you come out on top in a difficult situation; and can help you make choices that keep a situation from becoming difficult in the first place.


Filipino Family Law Issues for US Citizens and Immigrants

If you are a US citizen, US immigrant, naturalized US citizen, or green card holder, and you have Filipino family law issues or questions that you need resolved, Herreman Law Firm would like to help. Find out more about your legal obligations and rights, receive a more favorable outcome in your case, and keep from losing what is legally yours by working with an experienced law firm. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and evaluation of your situation today by calling 866-946-4323 or 651-274-0057 in Riverside, California, or by using the "Quick Contact" form on this page. Let us help you decide your next step.

We speak Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano, and Visaya, and can read and translate your Filipino documents and letters, or reply to people in the Philippines for you or on your behalf. Give us a call and let us know how we can be of assistance with your Philippines legal issues.


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