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Child Support


Child SupportAs any Child Support Lawyer in Riverside will confirm, child support is one of the most important parts of any family law case where children are involved.  

Determining child support amounts is based on a set of guidelines that were established to be determined by either the state legislature or by court rule. A federal law mandates states to set guidelines for determining child support. The federal government enacted this law because they thought child support amount were too low and there was too much variation in similar circumstances, so they required these guidelines to be set at the state level.

Guidelines are formulas that determine how much child support should be paid based on the parents income, number of children and some other factors. The guidelines apply equally to children born to married parents and to children born out of wedlock.

It is possible to argue a case that a court should order more or less support than what the guidelines state - especially if there are special circumstances. That's where having an experienced child support lawyer on your side can help you to achieve a more favorable determination or outcome.


Child Support Lawyers in Riverside, CA

If you're fighting a child support battle with your ex-spouse, or you're just starting a divorce procedure, you'll want to have an experienced team to rely on. An experienced team will not only increase the chances of an outcome in your favor, but will also understand and avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls that can lead to you spending more money than what is required or necessary.


Federal Guidelines on Support

The guidelines that the federal government implemented had the following affect: child support payments increased by approximately 50 percent. Support payments became much more uniform than they were before guidelines were passed.

Guidelines try to approximate the proportion of parental income that would have been spent supporting a child if the family had not been divided by divorce. Courts plug numbers into the formula and come up with an amount of support that should be paid for the child or children. But again, it is not mandatory for a judge to adhere to these guidelines exactly.


Paying Too Much Child Support

If you feel like you're paying too much child support, you very well may be doing so. We've seen it many times, and have represented people just like you to get their child support payments lowered.


Having Trouble Collecting Payments

Sometimes the spouse that is required to pay does not live up to their part of the agreement. We've handled many cases like this for our clients as well. We know what it takes to get the offending spouse back on track and living up to their obligations.

Enforcing the obligation to pay child support is a national priority. Federal legislation and state laws exist to make enforcement and collection of child support easier. Each state has particular guidelines for establishing child support and there are various methods to recover the support you are owed. If you are ending a marriage, are already divorced, or are trying to hold your child's other parent legally responsible, it is important to consult with a family law attorney, such as the attorneys at Herreman Law Firm in Riverside, CA.


Contact a Child Support Lawyer in Riverside

If you have any of the child support issues mentioned above, or similar issues not mentioned, you'll want to hire a lawyer who specializes in child support as soon as possible.

The lawyers and staff, at Herreman Law Firm are dedicated and determined to help you get the best outcome for your case. Put our decades of experience and history of positive outcomes to work for you. Call us today or contact us now using one of our contact forms found on our site.



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